The Spin Squad

Spin66 Studio is comprised of a community of select industry professionals who provide a wide-ranging collection of talent. Our collective of brand strategists, researchers, film producers, designers and creative writers are what allow us to create the breakthrough brands, advertising and programs.

Charlene Moore is a marketing communications and brand expert, focused on helping businesses develop solid strategies and strengthen their message to further their market presence. Charlene has worked extensively with start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations.

In 2005, she started Spin66 Studio. Since its inception she has worked with over thirty companies and successfully created and launched a number of new product and company brands; in addition to strategic planning, market positioning, and other awareness programs. Charlene blends in marketing background and her creative experience in a wide variety of art and design applications and today wears the hat of Chief Advisor for all Spin66 Studio productions.

Her mission - to help raise awareness in companies' brand and cutting through the "me too" madness in order to create something unique.

Background includes: Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Marketing Programs, Event Production, Advertising, Design, Illustration, Web Design, Photography, Filming - Pre and Post Production

An accomplished generalist, Constance dives deep into the areas of content strategy, content marketing, and branding.

Content is a valuable business asset. As a trusted adviser, Constance helps you evaluate when and where to invest in content and how to manage your existing content on both the front and back ends. When you need new content, Constance plans and creates engaging content across Web, mobile, and social, such as white papers, fact sheets, blogs, LinkedIn Company Pages, testimonials, video scripts, bios, and advertisements. She has also designed user experience for large Web applications and as well as mobile products. Constance particularly enjoys advising clients on business strategy and guiding them through the process of branding.

Constance has worked in diverse roles that include: director of integrated products at Mediresource, channel programs manager at Secure Computing, and product manager at the International Air Transport Association. She has conducted business in 22 countries and holds a masters degree from the University of Minnesota and a bachelors degree from Byrn Mawr College.

Samantha Ray is our one-stop-shop for all needs Marketing.

She is a straight up mystical creature who works on literally everything from code to content to design to strategy. Her tasks at Spin66 Studio cover diverse arenas from social media communications to event coordination and client management to content creation, digital design, web management and coding. The list goes on and on, which is why we’ve dubbed her with the title; Marketing Unicorn. One might ask; what?

A Unicorn is a mythical, one-horned horse that is more special than the rest of the horses. Samantha is more special than the rest of the horses in a metaphorical work sense. Hence the title…

Prior to Samantha becoming the ‘Jackie of all trades’ she is today, for three years she was our marketing coordinator, newest designer, and general office functionality guru. As a marketing coordinator, she was concentrated on assisting our clients in various outlets such as coordinating trade shows, meetings, events, calendars, and direct marketing. Samantha also possesses powerful skills in streamline organization, budget management and client relations. Ergo the office functionality guru bit. In her design function she has created logos, websites, apps, coupons, icons, social media pages, high-level corporate assets for literature, merchandising signage and other promotional/marketing materials.

Today she continues to do these tasks in addition to so much more.

Samantha attended Cabrillo College (Aptos, CA) and focused in public communications. She has strong skills in concept creativity, writing and mathematics making her skill set the perfect balance between marketing, strategy, design and communications. Samantha's mission : to be an executive, functioning member of Spin66 Studio and acting as the go-to girl for our clients.

John Faulkner is a strategic, integrated event and sponsorship marketing professional providing leadership and management experience in the conceptualizing, design and execution of a wide variety of consumer and trade events.

John's background includes extensive work in the automotive, technology, food and beverage and apparel industries. 

The common thread running through all programs is to raise brand awareness while also increasing sales and market share. This is accomplished by thorough client/agency communication and the involvement of all stakeholders - whether they be employees, distributors or retailers.

Lee Traupel brings over 25 years of socially engaging, content driven expertise to Spin66 Studio. Mr. Traupel has worked with enterprise level global brands such as Autodesk Microsoft, Intel, BT, Google, Honda, BMW, McAfee, Adobe, working with senior level execs to define a revenue-producing go to market strategy focusing on web site design, content marketing and syndication and social media engagement on all platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkeIn, Instagram and others. Lee is now heading all of Spin66 Studio's long term social web program contracts, including: program strategy, socially driven campaign development, measurable in-bound marketing, and brand awareness campaigns.

Derek Frederickson, Visual Effects Designer & Video Production Director, balances the worlds of art and commerce. On one side is award-winning work for a diverse clientele, and on the other, music composition and filmmaking.

Derek’s skills in graphic design, 2d and 3d animation, video production, inter- active and web programming, along with music composition and production contribute to projects for such clients as ABC, Electric Entertainment, Astra/Zeneca, Fedex, IBM, Phillips and Xerox.

In addition to project-based work, Derek founded and operates, an online production music resource connecting the efforts of a global base of music talent with a global client base of producers, game developers and filmmakers.

Derek received his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and Video Production from Michigan State University.

Craig Cornell illustrated his first books at the age of sixteen and attended the University of Santa Cruz where his primary focus was art. Mr. Cornell has worked with major acadmic book companies collaborating in the production of over 200 books, book covers and 20 illustrated volumes for publishers such as Giunti, Rafaello, Editrice, Eli, Piccoli Editori, TreSei and Capitello. He has worked with both independent and large international corporations creating elegant stand out designs for companies such as Audi, Eko Guiars, Diogene, Consorzio and may more. Craigs work is creative, maticulous, insighful and always on track with the clients vision.

Skills include: Design in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Craig has been working with Spin66 Studio since 2010.

Design, Flash, 3D Animation and Film - Spin66 Studio now has a number of uniquely specialized design specialists, illustrators, animators, rich media 3D animators, flash programmers, and an all star film team (with green screen capabilities). This great variety of players gives our clients the distinct advantage of attaining the right team for the job.



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