Spin66 Studio has worked with clients from high-tech to fashion to the food industry for their photography needs. We can manage all the additional demands that go along with a photo shoot such as art direction, lighting direction, set needs (props, etc.), hair and make-up, etc.

We have shot everything from fashion catalogs, fashion ads, farm and food shoots for resteraunts and organic farms, in-store shoots, jewlery catalogs, music CD covers, technology product shots, personal photo shoots for professional use, and corporate head shots.

Photo Enhancing & Editing

Whether a photo shoot is done by our team or someone else, we can enhance or edit the images, to soften certain areas, highlight a specific area, sharpen or adjust colors, crop set into a template to meet the necessary specs and desired result..

Integrating Design and Photography

We can also blend graphic design whith the photo as part of an ad development. Once we understand what the shoot is for and how the image will be used or integrated into a larger design, we will work with you to create something unique.

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