About Spin66 Studio

Spin66 Studio is a marketing communications and design agency. We help companies bring awareness to their brand and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

Our strategic process and creative productions go far beyond task fulfillment. Our approach gives our clients continuity within strategy, communications, goals and overall brand, which has proven to get positive attention and memorable results.

Spin66 Studio, headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, has been helping companies to achieve their marketing programs and communication goals throughout the United States and Europe since 2005. Since its inception Spin66 Studio has played a key role in attaining market awareness, presentation awards, and positive industry press for client companies including RedShift Networks, Axway, SafeNet, Websense and Secure Computing. Spin66 Studio has also been recognized and awarded, by Clark Sustainable Resource Developments, "The Triple Bottom Line Award", benefiting the people, planet and profitability for the investors.

Core Values

Our values provide a strong foundation for our brand. Spin66 Studio's core values reflect our way of life and convey the philosophy that influences our relationships with one another and with our customers.

A Trusted Source.

It is the experience and motivation of our team who proactively work together to deliver results that provides the end product our clients expect and the foundation for equitable success. Our integrity and accountability allow us to do what we say, and our knowledge and expertise allow us to say what we mean. Our people make us who we are – a trusted source in the marketing, advertising and commercial industry.

Innovative and Creative.

We offer alternative solutions for our clients if we believe it will help their brand, strategy and end goals.

Excellent Performance.

We forge relationships with our customers geared to meet or exceed expectations. Creative, strategic, well-planned operations are our value add and why so many of our new client acquisitions are referral based.

Effecting Change in the Way we Do Business.

Spin66 Studio is committed to providing our customers positive alternatives for their marketing productions. Our goal is to form the unconventional opportunity to operate green— conventional. Thereby, we can all make a measurable difference for people and the environment we all live in.


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Spin66 Studio prides itself in our commitment to client success and pushing for the stand out quality productions that make the difference.